Thank you for visiting my new blog dedicated to Mexico! I wish you a prosperous and happy 2017!

In addition to my main blog – Andreja Brulc’s Blog – this blog is my evening and weekend occupation – based on my travel experience around Mexico and research work I have done for an upcoming children’s picture book as part of art residency project in Oaxaca. More soon on ‘About’ page.

Happy 2017 / © Andreja Brulc

The above typographic card – based on ‘Happy 2013‘ card done while at art residency – consists of food ingredients, all of which are staple foods and native to Mexico. It starts and ends with the essential ingredients of Mexican cuisine – beans as in ‘beans’ and beans as in ‘chocolate’. The ‘typo card’ is my idea of Como agua para chocolate! If you have not read the book or seen the movie, read or see it in 2017! Only then one can understand Mexicans’ ‘love affair’ with their food!